photo contest

Congratulations to the 2019 winners!

The 2020 contest deadline is October 31.

"Woodland Mushrooms" by Emily Dunton, First Place, Adult, Earth

"Raising Dust" by Evan Sprouse, Second Place, Adult Earth

"Sunflower & Bee" by Lisa Payne, Third Place, Adult, Earth

"Rabon Mirror" by Lenear Spires, First Place, Adult, Sky

"Sunflower Sunset" by Chad Gregory, Second Place, Adult, Earth

"Sky's Limit" by Bradlyn Wagler, Third Place, Adult, Sky

"Top of the Morning" by Alanna Suttle, First Place, Youth, Earth

"Little Somethings" by Kalee Salcedo, Second Place, Youth, Earth

"Skipping by the River" by Penelope Kerber, Third Place, Youth, Earth

"God's Country" by Trevor Neal, First Place, Youth, Sky

"Fire in the Sky" by Penelope Kerber, Second Place, Youth, Sky

"The Red Bird That's Always Watching Over Us" by Callie Jo Richey, Third Place, Youth, Sky